The Best Coffee Maker Features To Look For

By | June 28, 2017

Want to buy a coffee maker? You’re going to have to make some big decisions. What exactly is the reason why some coffee makers are listed for $50 versus $100 or even $200. In some cases the $50 coffee pots look just as fancy as the $200 pots – what’s the difference and how do you tell what’s worth spending your money on?

To be very brief all say that on the low end there usually aren’t many features on top of the basic clock and timer programming but once you start pushing up the pricing ladder machines start getting stylish and packed with features that are in some cases running in the background.

The difference between seemingly identical coffee makers separated by a noticeable price jump usually is a bit of a quality upgrade but mostly a feature upgrade aimed at people who like to make good coffee rather than those who just need caffeine in the morning.

The Most Optional Obvious Features That Add To The Price

Any coffee pot that is supposed to brew coffee extremely fast usually has a higher price tag. Coffee machines that eliminate clutter from your kitchen tend to be more expensive. These machines typically include built-in coffee grinders, hot water reservoirs, and multifunction brewing, and in some cases thermal carafes or travel mugs.

The obvious features noted above are great for some people and completely irrelevant for others. I for one don’t care for some of them and the others I do care for… but not necessarily built into my coffee machine.

For me (and a lot of coffee lovers) we care about getting a good cup of coffee above all else and in my case I always tend to like simplicity over all else.

The features I look for in a coffee pot have to due with the quality of the brew the machine makes.

Less Obvious Features To Look For In A Good Coffee Machine

Good coffee makers should:

  • heat your water up to near boiling before ever pumping the water through your grind.
  • use high quality materials and plastics that do not leach unwanted flavors into your coffee
  • drop the water through your filter in a slow shower-head pattern so that all of the grind is saturated evenly resulting in a better flavor
  • I also tend to think quality coffee makers should be easy to clean and maintain. If they are hard then they are likely to fail sooner and produce less than perfect coffee

For me I don’t think a quick brewing time is all that important. When it takes a while to brew that often means that the machines is fully heating the water which results in better tasting coffee.

I also don’t value water filtration because I use my own filtered water in the home. For some others though an internal filter could be a good addition that adds to the quality of the finished coffee.

Similarly I use my own thermal carafe to hold my coffee before I get to drinking it. I could use a coffee maker that used it’s own carafe but the stand alone carafe’s tend to be better in my opinion.

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