The Store

If you’d like to support us here at Top Off My Coffee then please take a look at our store below. I’ve limited the store to coffee products, accessories, and even a bit of household decor.

I’ve tried to include product reviews throughout this site but in the case of the store many of the products have not made it to my kitchen table for full-fledged reviews. The products are however typically either well reviewed by others on or other websites or they are just simply cool or interesting.

You can choose your product type below for more targeted shopping.

The Mugs, Cups, & Tumblers Department

Travel Mugs

I sell so many travel mugs on this site that I have them sectioned off into many different departments. Start your search here for your next travel mug.

Insulated Coffee Cups

If you are looking to upgrade you coffee cup to something insulated then you can’t go wrong with this page. I’ve got tons of different styles to choose from.

Insulated Cold Cups

A lot of people would agree with me on this – it’s better to have a dedicated cold cup than it is to use the same travel mug for everything. Cold drinks in coffee tumblers just don’t taste right. See our featured cold cups here.

Unique Coffee Mugs

Sometimes it’s just cool to own a really unique or weird coffee mug. These kinds of coffee mugs also make really great gifts. Check out my selection of strange, funny, and unique coffee mugs here.

You can also see the best Travel Mugs for sale today right here.

The Coffee Makers Department

French Press Pots

Drip Coffee Makers

Pour Over Coffee Makers


Specialty Coffee Makers
Home Coffee Makers With Water Line Connections
Coffee Makers Built In To The Wall
Coffee Makers For Camping
Plastic Free Coffee Makers

Espresso Makers / Machines

Super Automatic Machines

Semi-Automatic Machines

Entry Level Machines

Stovetop Espresso Makers
Best Stovetop Espresso Pots
Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Makers
1-Cup Stovetop Espresso Makers
2-Cup Stovetop Espresso Makers

Other Coffee Accessories

Coffee Carafes That Stay Hot For A Long Time
The Best Manual Coffee Grinder(s)
Manual Grinder For French Press
Great Coffee Theme Gifts

This site is still largely under construction. As more pages are added this store will also be updated.