Best Ways to Make Coffee While Camping

Hello and welcome back to Gamble Bay Coffee! I am one of those people that love to go out camping! In fact, I go out camping so often that I have actually started to look for ways to make my camping experiences more home-like! If you’re like me, you’d understand the importance of having one or more good ways of making coffee while you’re out camping, because your cup of coffee is one of those things you don’t want to compromise on!

So, I have decided to write today’s article about the different awesome ways in which you can make your perfect cup of coffee while you’re out camping! I really hope that you’d be able to learn at least something new from this and that this would help you in one way or another when you go our camping! So, let’s get started already!

Method 1: Using a Pot!

One of the oldest and most well-tested methods is that of using a pot! People have used it ever since they started having coffee, making it one of those methods you can never forget!

All you have to do is that you put your coffee with water in a pot and you put it on the fire! That’s all that you have to do! The sheer simplicity of this method is remarkable because despite using the most limited resources, it’s still almost hassle-free! The main concern, however, is when it comes to taking the coffee out carefully without getting the grounds into your cup, and cleaning the pot after everything is done!

But pay close attention to the kind of coffee grounds you’re using as it really affects the taste. Click here to read our article on the best coffee grounds you can get for preparing your cup of espresso!

Method 2: Using a Percolator!

Now, this is pretty much the same thing as the last one. However, the only difference is that it takes away one of the disadvantages I mentioned with the last one- it makes it simpler for you to clean it up once you’re done because it uses a special basket where you can keep your grounds!

So, if you’re looking to get even more use while sticking to the conventional and tested methods, and are willing to pay just a little more than the regular pots for this extra feature, the Percolator sounds like the right choice for you!

Once again, the grounds equally affect the taste in this case as well, so you might still want to check our article on the best coffee grounds you can go for! (Click here to read our article on the best coffee grounds you can get for preparing your cup of espresso!)

Method 3: Using a French Press!

Now, you must admit that you had this on your mind all along but you managed to forget about it as you were reading the earlier choices- but we didn’t! The French Press really is one of the best options out there, making it one of the main reasons why so many people just choose to stick to it forever!

So, of course, the French Press is always an option, and is actually a widely used option when people go out camping. So, if you haven’t actually tried this one out yet, be sure to do that soon because you might just make this your new favorite way to make coffee while you’re camping out there in the lap of nature.

Now of course, you need a handy French Press if you’re planning to take one for camping, but there are still a lot of options available out there, so you might to check our article on the best ones available: Click here to read our article on the  best single cup French Press Coffee makers out there!

Method 4: Instant Coffee

Now, this is one of the simplest method there are out there, and one that I personally mostly stick to- partially because of my laziness too (my lazy brothers and sisters, this is the perfect thing for you, I assure you from the perspective of someone who simply cannot be in a lower level than you when it comes to laziness!)

All you have to do is just put in the right amount of it in the amount of water you’re planning to turn into coffee and viola! You have the coffee without doing anything else! This is by far one of the best and most simple methods EVER, making it the favorite way for those who are either not to keen on the aspect of preparing something while they are out camping, or are just plain lazy like me!

Method 5: Using a Filter!

Using a filter is yet another method to prepare your coffee! You can prepare a coffee bag kind of thing and put your grounds in it and then heat up your water, pour it in the cup, and let the coffee-bag sit in there for a while until the amount of flavor and aroma you want is extracted from it.

Between you and me, while this sure is a method and some people actually love it, I’ve always found this method to be a little complicated. You have to prepare your own tea-bag like thing, and even if it comes in a similar shape, you have to heat up your water and just go through almost all the same things as using a pot, leaving almost no difference between this and a percolator. Yes, the cleaning is even easier in this case, admittedly, but it’s only worth it if you’re fine with the extra amount of money you’re having to pay for the filter.

Method 6: Using a Moka Pot!

Now, there are also Moka pots that are specially designed for this purpose. There are a lot of them so you might want to check our article on the The Best Moka Pots Available Out there if this is your first time buying one.

These actually have been designed to help you prepare your coffee properly and with the same comfort of a coffee maker, without actually using a coffee maker. This makes these really useful, and so a lot of people who make coffee manually stick to these even now.

So, if you’re planning to try out some new methods of preparing coffee without a coffee maker, the Moka pot is one of those things that you simply cannot exclude from your list of things to try out!

Gamble Bay Coffee is here for you!

Now, of course, these are just a lot of methods that are all practically useful if you want- but not all of them might be the best choice for you. You have to judge them for yourself, and even try them out if you want, in order to find out the best option for you!

Just keep in mind that the best option for you isn’t the simplest or the cheapest one, but the one that actually serves all your needs in the way you want! So, don’t be afraid of experimenting in order to find the one that is the best for you!

And of course, do not forget that we are here for you all the time! We are always on the lookout for helping you out in any way we can and we really hope that you would reach out to us if there’s anything you think we might be able to help you with- we look forward to hearing from you!

We hope that you liked this article and learned at least something new from it that would help you on your next camping adventure! We also hope that you’d check out more of our articles and let us know how you liked them! Well then, see you in the next article again!

[While coffee is important when you’re out camping, it is no less important when you’re at home! Click here to read our article on the best ways to make coffee at home without a coffee maker!]

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