Coffee Maker Alarm Clocks for the Bedroom

Waking up in the morning can be a drag. More often than not, without an alarm clock to wake you up, you will probable be late for work or school. Moreover, without a cup of coffee to jump start your day you will probably have a lousy one.

What if I tell you that you can have an alarm clock and a coffee maker in one? Wouldn’t it make your mornings perfect?!?

Here are some of the coffee makers with alarm clocks sold in the market today. Nothing like multi-tasking housewares!

Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm ClockThe Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock is a unique must have in the morning. It is an innovative coffee maker and alarm clock in one designed by Josh Renouf. It is a gentle way to wake up in the morning than being startled by a loud sounding alarm clock.

The delicate movements of stainless steel bearings make a pleasant sound as the water boils through heat induction. The coffee is perfectly brewed and the awesome aroma will wake up all your senses. You can’t help but get up and start your morning with a lovely cup of coffee just right beside your bed.

Swan Teasmade Coffee Machine With Alarm Clock

alarm clock coffee makerWhether you love drinking tea before retiring to bed or waking up with a cup of coffee in the morning, Swan Teasmade Coffee Machine With Alarm Clock will make your life simply amazing.

Not only can you set the alarm with just a push of a button, but you can also press the tea auto button if you want your tea now or maybe later. The auto dim ceramic teapot can contain 600ml of tea or coffee, so you can share a cup with your special someone.

But wait, those are not just what this machine has to offer. It also has a unique reading light feature that will provide enough brightness to read while you are in bed.

Are Coffee Maker Alarm Clocks Worth It? Really..

Now that we’ve looked at a couple alarm clock coffee makers I’ll devulge my actual opinion – these things are really gimmicky. I don’t think I’d ever want one.


Where do you get the water in your bedroom?

When I think of making coffee I think of a few things.

  • I need coffee beans or grind, neither of which is kept in the bedroom.
  • I think of water for both filling the coffee maker reservoir and for cleaning the coffee maker later. Of course water is another thing not kept inthe bedroom.
  • I also think of topping off my coffee while I eat breakfast. If the coffee is in the bedroom does that mean I have to eat breakfast there too?

I think buying an alarm clock with a built in coffee maker for someone as a novelty gift might be worth it given the right circumstances but please consider buying something different for yourself. At the very least just go for a small Keurig for the master bath, you know, where the water is.

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