Monday, February 13, 2017

I Just Bought A New Mug! The 10oz Contigo Thermo Ceramic "Pod" Mug

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I'm so excited. Today I was randomly shopping for some basic stuff at my local grocery store when I saw out of the corner of my eye a small collection of ceramic and stainless steel coffee mugs on clearance.

I recognized the mug instantly...

It was the small 10oz Contigo Thermo-Ceramic desk mug or as it's called on the label a "pod mug" as in pod coffee-maker mug. Here on this site I like to call these desk mugs because they are basically really fancy insulated coffee mugs that are not designed for travel but rather designed to keep your coffee hot while you are at home or sitting as a desk.

I always find big travel mugs to be cumbersome when you are just working at a desk all day. They are bigger than they need to be when I'm just a room away from the coffee maker and they are tall and top heavy when full. I always feel like tipping is a risk when shuffling papers on my desk at work all day.

This mug basically fits into my insulated coffee mugs with lids page here on the site because it really is just a cool coffee mug that includes a lid to keep the coffee from getting cold too fast. You can see some other lidded coffee mugs here to compare similar options in this category.

I've been wanting this mug for a while now but I've never pulled the trigger as it is a bit expensive new. I just don't buy everything like this all willy-nilly but my store was purging their inventory at only $9.99 a piece so I decided to nab one.

Just for kicks I checked Amazon's listing for the 10oz thermo-ceramic mug and it's selling for a lot more than that right now! The 14oz model, the next size up, is selling for a more reasonable amount, but it's still pricey for sure.

Needless to say I have not yet used it once let alone taken the tag off but i will use it every morning coming up for the week or so and see what I think.

Expect posts later this week to cover some of my thoughts on the mug and possible a big formal review. If I'm ambitious I may even whip up a video for YouTube.

Thanks for reading!



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