Thursday, August 15, 2013

Travel Mugs For Cold Drinks - They're Not All Made The Same

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Have you ever tried drinking cold water out of your insulated coffee mug? It's not enjoyable at all.

I've tried cleaning mine out vigorously and although it's perfectly clean it's just not comfortable drinking cold drinks out of no matter what I do.

If you've got a smoothie or shake then things are even worse, some thicker cold drinks just don't work at all with traditional tumblers and travel mugs.

If you are looking for a good insulated travel mug for a cold soda, a cold cup with straw for your smoothies, a perfect travel sipping cup for juice, or just a nice insulated water bottle then I hope you'll find something great down below.

As always, this site is new and it's growing every day. Please expect this page to expand in time as I get around to reviewing and publishing new and unique product lines.

See the following pages for more of the following "types" of cold insulated cups.

Travel Cups For Smoothies

Or go check out our section devoted to insulated travel coffee mugs.



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